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Supervisor - Digital Specialist

Posting Date:  20-Jan-2023
Job Function:  IT and Digital technology
Company:  Banpu Public Company Limited


Job Summary:


  • Frame the business problem and model if it can be resolved by machines’ solutions
  • Improve actionable insights from data/models through applying various algorithmic techniques
  • Select the right analytic techniques and set of potential algorithms to resolve complex business questions
  • Develop mathematical models using Linear Algebra, Statistics and Probability or Geometry at an optimize level
  • Develop company A/B testing framework and test model/solution quality on various machines on Cloud.
  • Collaborate with Data Scientist team to identify data requirement, model improvement, as an input to the distributed solution process
  • Perform the series of experiments with data and multiple algorithms
  • Convert statistical results into consumable information for business usage
  • Identify the solution to deploy the analytic product into the business operation process
  • Provide Operations and Production support to operationalized (deployed) models
  • Evaluate the modeling results and identify improvements after production as a full AI lifecycle


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Engineering and Science fields 
  • Experience in the AI/Data science lifecycle including data understanding, modeling, and deployment
  • Strong skill in coding and computation • Experience in Big Data and Cloud computing
  • Experience in either open-source or proprietary software
  • Experience in Python programming
  • “Make it done” Attitude and open to learn new things
  • Quantitative and Growth Mindsets • Excellence in communication and data storytelling
  • Experience with machine learning algorithms and statistics including regression, simulation, scenario analysis, modeling, clustering, decision trees, neural networks, and so on.
  • Qualified AI portfolio