Supervisor - Company Secretary

Posting Date:  1 Sep 2023
Job Function:  Legal, Audit and Compliance
Company:  Banpu Power Public Company Limited


Job Summary:


  • Manage all required shareholder meetings and Board of Director Meeting with compliance with laws and regulations, including provide meeting notification, minutes of meetings and ensuring good governance process
  • Oversee an organization’s compliance with government laws and regulations — domestically as well as globally, if applicable —, including coordinating with company management to identify potential risks, implementing policies and procedures to uphold laws and regulations and monitoring the company’s adherence to those policies and procedures
  • Monitor and research updated laws and regulations
  • Promote company’s Corporate Governance and internal control system.
  • Provide legal advice and guidance on all kinds of legal matters
  • Prepare One Report for listed company
  • Control and manage all corporate and legal documents of entities relating to the operation of the company, such as agreements/ contracts, deeds, certificates, permits, licenses, company's seal etc.
  • Provide management information and reports when required, and ensuring appropriate corporate records and documents are maintained and filed with the protection of sensitivity and confidentiality
  • Liaise with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers and auditors


  • Bachelor degree in Law, Political Science or a related field.
  • 1-5 year experience in company secretary in relevant business area
  • Knowledge of SEC/SET rules, regulations and requirements,  Public Company Act, Thai Corporate and Commercial Laws
  • Good Analytical skill and able to work independently
  • Self-motivated & result oriented with good interpersonal skill
  • Adaptability, capacity to address multitasks, ability to interact with other departments and governance manner
  • Good command of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Good teamwork and co-operation, communication and presentation
  • Good command of English (Minimum TOEIC Score 500)