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Officer - Brand Strategy and Communication (6 month contract)

Posting Date: 
Job Function:  Marketing and Commercial
Company:  Banpu Next Company Limited


Job Summary:
Professional - Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Relationship - Corporate Communications
  • This position will be under Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd.
  • Provide support in building strong and good reputation of Banpu NEXT, building product awareness and creating trust among the stakeholders, resulting ultimately in sustainability of the Company
  • Responsible for communications materials, product design and corporate activities for both internal and external communications
  • Responsible for content creation for owned media with channel management i.e. website, Facebook, IG, YouTube and Line@
  • Provide support for Co-Branding project
  • Bachelor degree / Master degree in Brand communications and Marketing Communications or related field
  • 3 years experience in Digital marketing, External communications, Branding and Marketing communications 
  • Excellent communication and creative thinking skills with strong experience in digital marketing contents and tools 
  • Graphic design and creative writing skill
  • Good command of English both speaking and writing skills (TOEIC score at least 550)